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Whether you’re moving a single load, or require total freight management, GTI USA is dedicated to providing data-driven, end-to-end transportation solutions. Our energetic, experienced team of industry veterans understand how to leverage data from technology in ways that make every solution we present smarter, savvier, and noticably more efficient.

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GTI USA Brokerage

US DOT: 2499101

GTI USA Transport

US DOT: 2350838


By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, a vast third-party carrier network, and decades of experience, GTI USA is revolutionizing the freight brokerage and logistics industry to provide more support, communication, and on-time deliveries to our clients and third-party carriers.

We focus on creating capacity to move freight efficiently and safely. With extensive knowledge of market availability and capacity, our experts are ready to match clients’ freight with the right third-party carrier based on cargo type, preferred lanes, equipment needs, and availability—all day, every day.

When you have frequent, routine freight moves that require additional resources, GTI USA provides total freight-management solutions. Our team and technology integrate seamlessly with your logistics department.

Utilizing two different cutting-edge technologies, we provide automated communication and real-time dashboards so clients can track critical KPIs.

Whether we’re moving one load or multiple, our freight tracking maximizes three key features: GPS, status, and location through data integrations and carrier-submitted updates.

GTI USA Solutions

At GTI USA, we leverage extensive market knowledge and experience to provide logistics and total freight management solutions for clients, as well as a steady stream of opportunities for our third-party relationships.

  • Total Freight Management
  • Asset-Based Trucking
  • Asset-Backed Brokerage
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Houston Mayor's Back 2 School Fest

Jetco Delivery has been the transportation provider for the Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Back to School Fest since 2016. This event was designed to help elementary school students prepare for the return to school whether that be with new supplies, health screenings or haircuts they have you covered.

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Make a Difference to Children Month

July was Make a Difference to Children Month. The movement behind this month was started in 2006 by Kim Ratz. Being a child advocate, Ratz wanted people to recognize how making a difference in children’s lives can lead to a better society in the long run. At the start of it many believe this was not a useful cause because of the huge number of children who needed help, but Ratz insisted that the number of children needing help is not the issue. The issue is how many people are willing to come forward and help at least one child.

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The GTI Group Launches Next Evolution of Corporate Brand

Pour le français cliquez iciContact: Katharine L. Mohn 
Vice President, Marketing & Communications  

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National Safety Month - Musculoskeletal Injuries

June is National Safety Month! In support of this initiative put in place by the National Safety Council, we will be sharing weekly tips that you can apply in the workplace and at home. Transportation is in the top 3 industries affected by musculoskeletal injuries. Below are facts the NSC gathered about those injuries in 2020.

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