3 factors affecting dry van shipping rates

By Brooke Beall

Did you know? Dry van freight is typically the most cost-effective shipping option mainly due to its versatility. Dry van trailers are useful in almost all loads as long as the cargo is non-perishable, and it’s not oversized. While it is a practical way of shipping, rates can still fluctuate depending on a few factors: 

  • Location, Location, Location – Believe it or not, rates are not determined solely based on mileage distance. More important than distance are the pick-up and delivery locations.  
  • Supply and Demand – April through July is considered produce shipping season, and because of this, shippers’ needs for trailers increase. You might be thinking, but I’m not in the agricultural field? You should still be aware as the demand can affect rates due to trailer availability. 
  • Your Cargo – How much does what you are shipping weigh? How much space does it take up? Did you know the heavier your shipment, the more fuel is needed to transport it? 

"The current market is very unpredictable. Over the last 3 years, the usual yearly trends have completely shifted and have not mirrored themselves year over year. Being able to predict the market at this point, would be very difficult; however, the manner in which GTI handles this unpredictability is in creating synergies between our freight and clients. Our advantage is being able to leverage our assets along with our partner carriers to provide a vast and efficient service through the next year and beyond. In doing so we are able to provide coverage north to south, east to west, 365 days a year."  

- Jessica Lanni, Director of Operations - Closed Van Division 

Our dry van team is here to keep you informed to ensure you make educated shipping choices while providing optimal freight logistics solutions. Whether you have current freight for us to move or want to learn more on how we can be your strategic partner, contact our team today. 

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