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When you take a group of individually gifted people and create a team, you have the ability to harness that collective energy, knowledge and creativity to create something truly special . While teamwork, respect and trust set the foundation of company culture, there are always challenges that come with blending talents and personalities. Ultimately, it takes communication, motivation and support to foster collaboration and confidence in workplace relationships.

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful organization. Employees naturally want to feel informed and involved, and the more open team leaders are with them, the more open they will be with the group.

The easiest way to communicate more openly, promote collaboration and build healthy relationships is by meeting regularly. Meetings with a specific objective open up lines of communication. During these meetings, ask questions, voice concerns and teach employees the bigger picture.

Part of developing a successful team is focusing team members on a collective effort. You can’t force people to feel like they are part of a team; they need to want to collaborate and contribute on their own. Ultimately, they need to see how their contribution fits into the bigger picture of the organization, so they are motivated to work towards that common goal.

Team leaders can help motivate employees by communicating their strategic focus. Not just once — but on a consistent basis. By stating your company’s vision repeatedly, your employees will see just how their contributions fit in. This promotes a fun culture of growth and productivity.

Positive reinforcement from leaders produces change and improved performance. It also acts as a catalyst of positive reinforcement and support between team members, and this support promotes teamwork.

Additionally, providing employees with regular training and other resources they need for career growth is a great motivator.

Communication, Motivation and Support at GTI USA
GTI USA is a family working together to provide ongoing communication, motivation and support to our customers, carriers and fellow employees. We strive daily to build the right culture and opportunities for success. Our leadership team starts this process by taking care of our employees, so they can better service our customers and carriers.

Similarly, through ongoing communication, motivation and support with our carriers, we are able to work collaboratively to reach our common goal — successful delivery. Carriers are an integral part of our team, and upon successful delivery, our customers are then able to better work toward their own business success. Plus, GTI USA understands the need to know where a shipment is at all times, so we provide state-of-the-art technology and dedicated representatives available to answer any questions or concerns 24 hours a day — communication! We aim to build meaningful relationships based on trust and transparency.

To us, communication, motivation and support goes beyond our buildings and employees. It’s full circle. We take care of our carriers, employees and customers, so they all take care of us and each other. In the end, all of these factors interact with each other to build the right culture and opportunities for everyone involved.

That’s why, at GTI USA, we view ourselves as more than a logistics company. Our primary goal is to connect employees, partners and customers with the communication, motivation and support needed for success — our success and their success.

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