THE SAFETY GURU PODCAST: Cultivating a safe work enviroment

By Darrell Kelly


Host of The Safety Guru, Eric Michrowski on The C-Suite Network podcast spoke to Jetco Delivery CEO / The GTI Group Executive VP Brian Fielkow on cultivating a safe environment and leading a company to excellence.  

Being a leader doesn’t come easy. Success comes from many failures and learning from those mistakes. On Episode 51, Brian and Eric had a candid conversation discussing leadership lessons and embodying safety with a work culture.  

In the world of logistics and transportation, the word ”safety” is used often. Commercial vehicle operators must be trained in how to drive as professionals and avoid any mishaps that could happen on the road. Trucking company executives focus on maintaining road safe driving and protecting the civilians who share the road with truck drivers. This conversation will provide thorough insight for those who are looking to improve their safety management within a company. 

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