A Day in The Life of Bernie Matthews

By Ohmer Belma

Bernard, affectionally nicknamed Bernie, has been at The GTI Group for nearly 10 years. It will be one decade exactly in February.  

Bernie started his career in transport/logistics in 1984, working for DHL as a driver for the first 15 years of his career. He then transferred over to their logistics department for the next five years. “I really enjoyed my time behind the wheel. I visited many parts of North America and met many great people along the way. However, after 15 years, it was time to make the switch and I haven’t regretted it.”

Bernie’s interest in logistics stems from the connections he has made over the years: “It is interesting dealing with people from all over the world even if it is stressful at the same time. They have become more than just business partners – they’ve become good friends over the course of the years.”

Bernie usually starts his day with a coffee while checking his emails. “I am definitely a coffee guy. I’ll have a cup while checking my phone for emails before I head over to the computer to start my workday. I’m also considered a morning person."

Bernie enjoys every minute of his workday. From interacting with his team, clients and carriers, to the rush of winning a load, and successfully delivering it. That said, there’s a particular time of the day that reminds him to let the gas pedal go for a bit – that’s lunch time! “I always give everything I’ve got from the second I head over to the work office, all the way to the time I shut it down for the day. Lunch time reminds me to ease off the pedal and recharge for the second half of my day 😊.”

Bernie is one of the most calm, cool and collected individuals out here. Not much stresses him. As with most jobs, there are aspects of it that bring a load of stress. “I don’t stress that much, however, sometimes, when working in the freight forwarding department of a company, you deal with individuals from all around the world. Dealing with individuals from around the world who don’t understand the concept of time zones could lead to stress. I still wouldn’t change a thing 😊.”

Bernie is very sociable. He enjoys interacting with everyone within the company. He is, however, more often in communication with the entire freight forwarding team. “I just love the team. We all come from different backgrounds, which is great as we learn from each other professionally as well as on a personal level. We’re a tight-knit team which makes work a lot more fun!”

Safety is something Bernie takes seriously. He always makes sure that safety protocols are as high a standard as he puts it when dealing with his clients and carriers. On a personal level, safety is applied to other aspects of Bernie’s life: “I enjoy working on some wood projects during the summer. I always make sure to protect my eyes by wearing protective eyewear amongst other things.”

Bernie continues to see success at work. He explains his success by being consistent and attentive to the small details: “It’s really the small details that make a difference between goods shipped on time and goods arriving late. You must make sure to pay attention to all the details you receive. If you feel you are missing something, even if you think it’s just a small detail, it’s ok to go back and ask. If goods are being picked up and delivered on time, that’s a win in our books!”

Over the last few years, Bernie has learned a lot working for The GTI Group. Amongst the many things Bernie has learned here, patience is the one that holds true to him. “You know, handling our clients’ goods is something I don’t take lightly. Sometimes, clients will want an hourly update as to where their goods are. It’s important to understand that they are doing so because it’s something they produce. This is their baby if I can use that analogy. Patience is a key characteristic to use when dealing with clients and carriers.

What keeps Bernie coming back is simple: “I have bills to pay, LOL! No, I enjoy my job and the people I work with.”

What is your customer service philosophy? “Treat customers, carriers and coworkers with respect!”

Bernie always wraps up his days making sure all his mandates are covered. “I always make sure nothing is left on my desk that needs to be taken care of right away. It’s my way of making sure I can enjoy my evening.”

Bernie has many interests in life. However, some of his favorite things to do once he gets off work are enjoying the summer days, sitting on his deck with a cold beer and working on some wood projects. He also likes to go for a ride on his ATV!

We appreciate you taking the time to share a little insight of your day Bernie. Keep up the great work!

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