A Day in The Life of Charles Thériault

By Ohmer Belma

Charles has been working for GTI for almost a year and a half – 1 year and 4 months specifically.

Charles started his career in logistics when he accepted the business development role at The GTI Group. He has and continues to learn the complex world of logistics: “It’s a challenging industry for sure, however that is exactly what makes it fun.”

Charles’s interest in logistics stems from the connections he has made through his tenure at GTI: “I’ve been able to connect with many different individuals from all walks of life. This field has helped me discover different industries and their products. It’s great because you get to help them focus on what they do best while I take care of what I do best, which is delivering top-notch logistical solutions!”

Charles usually starts his day by waking up early to get his workout in: “I usually wake up at 6 a.m. and start my workout routine at the gym with a friend of mine. We train for about an hour. Once I get back home, I eat breakfast and get ready for work. I dress to impress, hop in my car and focus on my drive to the office.”

With that kind of regimen, can you tell Charles is a morning person? “I do consider myself a morning person. I enjoy waking up early and getting my routine in.” When it comes to choosing between coffee and tea, Charles says, “I’m more of a coffee guy. I’ll have a cup of coffee everyday between 9 and 10 a.m. in the office.”

On his way to the office, Charles listens to a variety of stuff: “Depending on my mood, I’ll listen to different podcasts, motivational speeches or an audiobook related to sales and other topics. While listening to these podcasts or audiobooks, I often find myself wondering why the driver in front of me is so slow lol.”

Charles always looks forward to arriving at the office and getting things done: “I enjoy speaking with people and closing deals. It’s a passion and the reason why I chose to pursue a sales career. I also love interacting with my colleagues.”

Charles is typically someone with a calm, cool and collected personality – not easily stressed. With that said, when things don’t go his way, he tends to take it to heart. “I love what I do and when I’m unable to reach an objective or even have a call not go my way, I tend to take it hard. I know it’s not the end of the world, however, I’m someone who is goal-oriented and usually achieves my goals.”

Charles is truly a people person. He gets along with everyone he comes across. That said, he is closest to a few employees: “I really like speaking with Arshad as we think alike and have a healthy competition at work. I also like to pick Mathew Poirier’s brain. He brings so much knowledge and is an amazing leader. He goes above and beyond you ensure your success! It’s truly inspiring.

Safety is a big part of Charles’s daily life: “Safety has always been a part of my day-to-day life. Now that I get to visit different warehouses, plants, production companies, etc., I always make sure to bring my steel-toed shoes, hard hat, and eyeglasses. I also make sure to wash my hands when I go to the bathroom.

Charles is happy with the way his career has progressed at The GTI Group: “As a young professional, I am learning a lot, therefore I am winning every day. I’ve been building a lot of strong and lasting relationships with clients, which have led to trust and opportunities. There are always ways to improve, and I think I’ve done that since day one.”

As part of his career growth, Charles has learned a lot, including consistency: “Without consistency, nothing becomes great. Ive always been successful in everything I put my all in. Things tend to come easy for me. When I started here, I was in my honeymoon phase and success came with it. However, I wasn’t consistent with the workload, and it showed in my results. I went back to the basics and became consistent with my work, and I’ve seen a tremendous difference. Consistency is always the KEY ingredient for every single successful story in life.”

What keeps Charles coming back are the challenges he faces daily: “Absolutely the challenges! Beyond that, I also enjoy the versatility of the role I occupy – the hunt for new business, the ability to meet people from different industries, get to know their different products, etc. What’s not to love about that? Transport and logistics are essential to all businesses, and I’m here to help ease the transport/logistics burden of those companies and have them focus on what they do best, produce goods that are essential to the world.”

Charles’s customer service philosophy is simple: “Serve well and fair and be there in both good and hard times on matter what!”

Charles ends his days by making sure all his clients’ logistical needs have been taken care of: “My day also can’t conclude unless I have a nice and long chat about hockey and the Montreal Canadiens with Ohmer.

Once Charles gets off work, some of his favorite things to do are to play sports and hang out with his family and friends: “I like sports; I play tennis, golf, and hockey. I also enjoy hanging out with my family, friends and girlfriend. I also like taking time for myself.”

We appreciate you taking the time to share a little insight of your day Charles. Keep up the great work!

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