A Day in The Life of Lisa Yiu

By Ohmer Belma

Lisa has been working for GTI for more than 2 years now – 2 years and 4 months to be exact!

 Lisa has been in the industry for a while, but she actually started her career on our client side. “I used to be on the other side of the business; I was the coordinator in supply chain. Funnily enough, GTI is now moving shipments for the company I used to work for. What a small world!”

Lisa’s interest in logistics came from a personal interest in online shopping and its ease of delivery. “I think I found my interest in the logistics industry because I always loved online shopping and wanted to know more of the behind the scenes. When I click on ‘buy now,’ I always wanted to know what happened next. It’s an interesting process.”

Lisa starts her days with one of her favorite drinks in the morning. “l always start the day making my tea or latte. It’s a must! I also make sure to check emails on my cellphone first while waiting for my laptop to wake up. I guess we are both not a morning person 😉.

When it comes to driving to the office, Lisa listens to music and podcasts to get ready for her day. “Pop music or On Purpose Podcast helps me get in the mindset needed to tackle the challenges ahead. You simply can’t go wrong with these options.”

Lisa’s a go-getter and embraces all challenges thrown her way. She gives it 100% every time! That said, a particular time of day sets an important reminder regarding her day. “Lunch time! It’s a reminder that half the day has passed, whether it was a good or bad morning. It’s a way to remember that we still have half a day to impact a client positively and ensure a strong finish to the day.”

Lisa’s a calm, cool and collected individual. She doesn’t panic when things don’t go as planned; however, there are things that will put stress levels to the test. “I start stressing when there are any delays on pickup or delivery, but that’s transportation for you. You deal with it and quickly find a solution!”

Working with a strong team is something Lisa has enjoyed a lot. Communication with everyone is excellent! “I appreciate having a manager who can see your potential and also offer challenges to push your limit.”

Not discounting everyone else, she does have a favorite coworker. “Kaci! She is like my right hand. She is always willing to offer help, always there to check on me and most importantly, she’s not afraid to ask questions. This challenges me and it pushes me to think and find alternative options.”

Safety is non-negotiable for Lisa in both her personal and professional life. Prior to booking any trucks, she makes sure all safety points have been covered. “It’s important to me. We make sure that we only do business with carriers that view safety the same way we do! We also have constant online safety training to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest measures. Personally, when I work from home, the dog keeps me safe 😊.”

Life is great for Lisa, and she has enjoyed her time at The GTI Group. What she loves about her job is simple. “Creating strong bonds and relationships with my clients. I don’t view them as business partners. I view them as friends now. I was lucky enough to visit a few of them, which was fun. We also recently won a few big projects, and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

What’s one thing you’ve learned since you started working at GTI? “Always expect the unexpected.”

What keeps Lisa coming back is the challenges GTI projects provides her. “Every day is a different challenge and I love it!”

Lisa’s customer service philosophy is simple. “Never assume anything, always ask questions, it doesn’t hurt.”

Lisa wraps up her day by ensuring all emergencies have been covered and preparing for the next day as best as possible. On more challenging days, Lisa ends her days by closing her laptop and relaxing with a glass of wine. On good days, she enjoys taking it easy by watching some of her favorite shows on TV.

What are some of your favorite things to do once you get off work? “Play Badminton, explore new bars and catchup with friends!”

We appreciate you taking the time to share a little insight of your day, Lisa. Keep up the great work!

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