A Day in The Life of Suzanna Olson

By Ohmer Belma

Suzanna has been working for GTI for 6 years, first occupying a Logistics Specialist role and recently moving into a team lead role. “Who knows what’s next.. watch out Richard 😉.”

Suzanna has been in the transportation/logistics field for the last 15 years now and has enjoyed her journey since day one! Suzanna wanted a break from nursing and a friend of hers suggested she went to CMA/MSC containers where she landed her first job in the field of transport. “I wanted to take a break from Nursing and a friend of mine got me a job offer as the depot manager for CMA/MSC containers. She told me one thing before I went into the interview; high cubes are higher than regular containers” And I got the job. History was made!” 

Suzanna’s interest in logistics is the constant movement and the global impact we make and have. “Everything in your room right now from the building supplies to the paint on the walls came on a truck/train/ boat/plane or all the above. Also, there is always something new to learn.”

Suzanna’s days always start the same way. Coffee… COFFEE!! “It’s a must. After that, I check my phone for emails and make sure there’s nothing urgent to handle right away. Am I a morning person? I can’t say that I am. Do morning people even exist 😉?"

Suzanna’s routine starts with dropping off her daughter to daycare. “On my drive to daycare and to my home office I listen to the radio, whatever station is already on, 94.7 or 95.9. During this time, it allows me to focus on the task ahead.”

Taking on challenges and achieving success are some of the things Suzanna looks forward to when her workday starts. “What excites me are challenges. If there are no challenges, what’s the point? I also like WINS. When clients tell you to go ahead and book the truck, means the team and I did a great job getting things done! Finally creating new relationships through my job is up there with what excites me. It goes beyond business!”

Suzanna has enjoyed every second of her new role as team lead. With that said, there’s a few stress points she handles daily. “You know, with the change of position, I am now responsible for a team. The responsibilities come with some stress. I have to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be to avoid hefty claims & back charges. I’m just happy that my team is as passionate as I am and that I don’t need to really worry about them. They’re responsible and love working with each of them.”

Suzanna truly enjoys working with everyone at the company. She enjoys the jokes, laughter, and the stories from each member of the GTI family. “I love working with everyone at the company. The vibe is incredible. With that said, Alex Watson is probably who I’m closer to. Man, that girl got energy!”

Safety is a must for Suzanna. There’s nothing more important to her. “Safety is implicated in the emails we send for every load booked whether it be with specific instruction such as tie down procedures or chain securement, reminders for PPE when required pictures/diagrams. Making sure proper equipment and protection is being used for whatever task is at hand. I will never sacrifice safety for a dollar. It’s just not worth it!”

Things are going well for Suzanna. “I Just moved into a new position as team lead recently and really enjoying it and happy to be adding even more value. Got a few juicy projects we’ve been awarded and can’t wait to sink our teeth into them!”

When asked what she has learned since joining The GTI Group, Suzanna had this to say. “The question is what have I not learned? One of the key lessons though from GTI is that to every problem there is a solution and that is our role. To find a solution with a happy medium for all.”

What keeps Suzanna coming back every day is the team. “Our incredibly awesome team that has grown to be more like family over the years. I just can’t say enough about each and every one of them”

Suzanna’s customer service philosophy is resumed as such: “If you don’t have the answer to a question right away, it’s better to be honest with the clients and let them know you’ll get the accurate answer as soon as possible. They’ll be a lot more appreciative and understanding.”

Suzanna likes to wrap up her day by following up with her team and ensuring all priorities were taken care of. She also sets up a plan of attack for the following morning.

Once Suzanna completes her workday, she enjoys taking the rest of the day to do things she enjoys doing. “I love just settling down, checking my personal emails, text messages and social media. I always call my bestie and mom. Once that’s done, I take my daughter outside to play!”

We appreciate you taking the time to share a little insight of your day Suzanna. Keep up the great work!

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