A Day in The Life of Tyler Zold

By David Furgurson

Tyler Zold is the controller over Jetco Delivery. He holds a very critical position that keeps our machine well-oiled – he oversees the daily accounting operations and thus helps ensure the financial health of our company. He has spent the past 7 years here at Jetco Delivery working as the controller and prior to that was a manager at Enterprise Rent-a-Car.


Tyler tells me that his day usually starts as soon as he wakes up in the morning. He immediately checks his emails and starts answering questions on MS Teams. “That’s just how my brain works,” Tyler said.


Tyler is on the clock from when his eyes open until they close. He arrives in the office at 8 a.m. and leaves around 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. As a family man, he makes time for his loved ones once home; Tyler is a busy man!


As the controller, it is essential that Tyler works with everyone to make sure they know what they need to do to help us get paid by our clients, pay our bills and pay our employees every week. He mainly regulates our overall accounts receivable, which is why it is important that he connect with everyone, from Kyle Kristynik, Jetco’s president, to our sister operating unit, GTI USA, and The GTI Group, our parent company . He’s essentially the eyes and ears of our financials here at Jetco and will share this information with GTI.


“We mainly only get ideas of how GTI is doing things up there, and we try to implement them where we can down here at our office. We don’t necessarily work hand in hand on anything. We are just all in this together and if they have a practice we can use, we use it. I ask questions but otherwise it’s just gauging the business and how we are doing when I talk to my boss in Canada.” Tyler stated.


The list of people he must connect with is long, and it’s impressive to see how organized Tyler is through all the managed chaos. From balancing numbers, curating spreadsheets, sorting documents and creating solutions to discrepancies in our financials, he has a full plate. Tyler provides key information to the company that essentially keeps the business running smoothly.


“In the past year we have been collecting at a much higher pace than before,” Tyler stated. A recent big win his team had was getting our accounts receivable down 80%. “A couple of years ago, it was more than one million, and now we have it down to the low six-figures,” Tyler said. This achievement is huge considering that it’s hard to pay your own bills if clients don’t pay theirs in a timely manner!


Also accounted for in accounts receivable is the amount of money we receive if we accidentally overpaid for a service from a vendor, which occurs seldomly. Tyler says these situations are the most stressful for him because he then must contact outside forces and try to solve a problem he didn’t initially create.


He conveyed that what brings him back every day is the people and overall environment around the office. He described the atmosphere as, “a very chill, relaxing environment that only gets hectic because we are in the trucking business, which has a lot of moving parts, but for the most part everyone’s laidback.”


What’s surprising is how many moving parts his job has in it, but Tyler has always given off calm energy. It speaks volumes to his organizational skills and ability to get the job done with precision.


He told me, “Numbers are easy; they just make sense to me. If something’s wrong, I know there is a specific problem in the numbers that can be fixed.”


We appreciate all the hard work implemented by Tyler Zold as he continues to tackle his responsibilities with ease!

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