An Outstanding Safety Call

By Brooke Beall


In an industry that is all about ensuring we deliver our customers’ freight safely and on time, it’s essential that our professional drivers are empowered to call a time out if something feels unsafe. At Jetco, safety is our number one, nonnegotiable core value. We want to ensure our professional drivers return home to their families every night, and that starts with our team putting safety above all else.

Were excited to shout out our professional driver, Linda, who recently made an outstanding safety call that resulted in saving herself and those around her from injury. Even after she was able to get the situation under control, she made sure a Jetco a team member was sent to the site to examine and ensure the equipment was safe to operate.

When I asked her what she would tell other professional drivers who are afraid to call a time out, she said, “If you feel like something is unsafe – stop! If you don’t, can you deal with getting hurt? Or even worse, someone else getting hurt?”

To Linda, Jetco’s safety culture means striving to be the best she can be. “I enjoy being a part of Jetco where the drivers are truly recognized as a major part of the company,” she said.

It is so easy to become complacent in any part of your life that seems routine, but we have to remember not to skip steps or cut corners, especially when it comes to our safety. We would like to thank Linda and all of our professional drivers for their commitment to uphold Jetco’s safety culture.

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