Driving for Conservation with Texan by Nature

By Brooke Beall

Jetco is proud to announce our partnership with Texan by Nature and introduce Drive for Conservation, in which Jetco will donate a portion of every load delivered each month, starting July 1, through 2023 and beyond. This collaboration creates a dynamic platform for sharing best practices, innovative solutions, impactful commitments that deliver positive outcomes for people, prosperity, and natural resources in Texas.

The donations in part will go to Texan by Nature's 2023 TxN 20, an official ranking of companies with Texas operations and tangible commitments to conservation.

“With our investment in the TxN 20, we hope to amplify cross-industry innovations and actions that will inspire and propel businesses toward a sustainable future.” - Kyle Kristynik, Jetco President

For more information on this partnership, click here for the full press release!

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