Driving to Recovery During COVID-19

By Brooke Beall


For Jetco, serving our communities extends beyond delivering essential goods in times of crisis and calm. We recently partnered with the Houston Food Bank to provide our trucking services and raise funds to ensure our under served communities are also fed in this time of need.

Jetco was able to raise $2,000 and we have matched those donations as well. We are stronger together and it's our mission to power our communities.  

“We are grateful to Jetco Delivery for donating the use of one of its trucks and a driver at such a critical time,” said Brian Greene, President and CEO of Houston Food Bank.  “Over the past two months, Jetco has been delivering loads of dry food product to the United Airlines cargo facility where airline employees are building food boxes for those in need. Thanks to Jetco, over one million pounds of food was boxed and distributed from the cargo site to our neighborhood super site distributions last week.  Thank you for your partnership during this unprecedented time. It is making a difference.”



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