ELD Mandate’s Hard Deadline – What this means for you!

By Brooke Beall


As of December 17,2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is implementing that every truck running on American roads will need electronic logging devices in the cab. At Jetco, we have been using electronic logging since 2006, so when new updates come out the drivers in our fleet are accustomed to the system for a nearly seamless transition.


For carriers who are not familiar with the newer ELD’s, this could cause some disruption since the FMCSA has made it clear this will not be lightly enforced. While this technology advancement has its perks, new technology can also lead to hardware malfunctions and incorrect logging which leads to delayed shipments. Click here to learn more about the ELD mandate and be sure your carriers are transparent with you about the systems they are using.

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