Experience the Advantage of Asset-Backed Freight Brokerage

By Brooke Beall


Jetco Logistics knows that your peace of mind can only be gained through responsive communication, consistently reliable transport and world-class processes from load planning to delivery.

As an asset-backed freight brokerage, we leverage our well-developed procedures to provide total freight management, partnering with pre-qualified carriers or our asset-based affiliates to manage your supply chain and logistics challenges. By combining our deep experience, extensive network and innovative technology, we’re disrupting the traditional way of doing business.

Strong Finances, Stronger Relationships

We are financially committed. With a more than $20 million investment in the trucking and logistics industry, we’re financially strong, meaning we are invested in you!

  • We regularly pay our third-party carriers ahead of their normal term; therefore, they are more willing to give us capacity.
  • This allows us to be able to match your cargo with vetted carriers faster.

Your Sense of Urgency is Ours, Too

With over 45 years in the business, we have built longstanding carrier relationships to get the trucks you need in times of tight capacity or surge demands. It is our job to make these connections quickly, and we have the experience to smoothly execute rush projects and recurring project work.

Our Data and Processes Drive Your Efficiency

We use our technology to build real-time dashboards customized for you that display data you need to know to make smarter logistical decisions.

Communication Is Key

Your single point of contact is in 24/7 communication with the dispatch and the driver, and we pre-vet them for:

  • Proper experience based on the freight being moved
  • Correct PPE needed depending on the job site
  • Proximity to the shipping point to help reduce your carbon footprint and the number of empty trucks needlessly burning fuel
  • Understanding of the level of care your freight requires every step of the way, every time

You can count on your point of contact to provide you with automatic notifications, real-time load status updates, rate conformations, deliveries, pick ups and other must-know information via your preferred medium at your requested frequency.

We Know How to Manage Risk

Let’s be honest – cargo damage is always a risk regardless of who is hauling your freight. Even the best carriers have a bad day. Should there be a claim, our experienced risk management team actively supports you. We don’t disappear when faced with adversity, we step up!

  • We treat your cargo as if it is our own, which is why we rely on pre-qualified carriers with whom we have developed relationships.
  • Our top 5 carriers haul 30% and our top 25 carriers haul just over 50% of our total load coverage.
  • We vet all carriers and require: Minimum $100,000 cargo insurance
  • Minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • Must be in business for a minimum of 1 year
  • Good standing with Carrier 411
  • When the minimum cargo insurance is not enough, we work with carriers that have higher limits. Optional shippers interest insurance is also available up to $1,000,000

To learn more about our processes and how we can be a trusted partner please reach out to us. We would love to chat about your freight needs and get to know you better.

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