Extra Safety Precautions When Delivering Cargo During this Critical Time

By Brooke Beall


Yesterday our CEO Brian Fielkow sent a statement to our team regarding the unjust murder of George Floyd, which has resulted in nationwide protests. Silence on this topic is not an option and we have to unite as one against racism. Jetco and the GTI family of companies are committed to being an inclusive company. You can read Brian's full statement here.

As we closely monitor the protests throughout the country our goal is transport your freight safely, while also maintaining the safety of our drivers and the general public. We want to ensure our team stays alert and is taking extra precautions during this time. As your transportation partner, we want to share with you some tips we passed along to our drivers, as well as steps you can take with us.

  • When driving it's important to stay focused and calm. Stress and worry can be an unseen distraction when behind the wheel.
  • Pre-plan your trip. Stay in contact with everyone to discuss your routes to avoid being impacted by protests. We want to avoid any known areas where there are active protests/road closures.
  • Please keep your driver manager and the Safety department updated on what you see and hear while on the road.
  • Anticipate that regional curfews could impact shipment timing. Planning ahead should help avoid any shipment delays.
  • If our valued clients prefer to reschedule their loads, we're maintaining flexibility to accommodate these requests. 
  • Ensure that when you arrive at shipper/cosignee locations, you are not working solo to off-load the cargo. Back fully up to a loading dock, if possible, when you arrive.
  • Ensure trailers are locked and sealed at all times.
  • Once the cargo has been delivered, the driver must contact their driver manager before leaving your facility in case they need to reroute.
  • For drivers, as in any emergency situation, please call 911 first. Your personal safety is paramount.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. We want to continue to open the lines of communication and participate in active listening. We are here for you during these unprecedented times and we need to stand together now more than ever.

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