Female drivers have big safety impact at Jetco

By David Furgurson

This past week we interviewed a few of our professional female drivers to hear about their experiences being apart of the Jetco team. We wanted to know how they felt about working in an industry where they are the minority, what they liked about working for us and in the industry, and what we can do to continue encouraging more women to join our industry.


A common theme amongst the answers of our female drivers was that they feel appreciated by Jetco. “Jetco is like a big family, their team is always there to help. It can be hard for women in this industry, and even more if you speak Spanish, but I’m so thankful Jetco believes in me,” said Jetco professional driver Carolina L.


Data from the 2022 Women in Trucking index states that women make up 13.7% of over-the-road drivers in the industry. Still being the few, this marks a significant increase from the approximate 10% of female drivers in 2019. More women than ever before are getting behind the wheel and building careers as professional commercial vehicle operators. Women are also statistically safer than men behind the wheel, which means women are often more immediately aligned with Jetco and The GTI Group’s number one, non-negotiable core value of safety.


Jetco professional driver Rosa V. shared her take on why safety is so important at Jetco: “I like the work ethic this company has and the ability for drivers to make decisions and take a ‘time out’ if needed. Most other companies just want me to get the loads there without question or hesitation.”


Rosa is one of many of our professional drivers who embodies safety and appreciates the level of care we have for our professional drivers. Driver fatigue is a challenge; roughly 18% of commercial vehicle operators across the industry report falling asleep behind the wheel each year. It’s one of the reasons why we go the extra mile to make sure our drivers are well-rested and empowered, so they make it home safe. We provide resources and tools to help ensure our drivers physical and mental health are well taken care of.


Did you know Jetco professional drivers’ starting salary ranges between $50,000-$60,000 in their first year? Jetco is looking for more female drivers! Ask to speak with one of our female drivers to get their perspective on what it’s like working at Jetco. If your needs and goals align with our company culture and values, contact our Director of Employee Engagement Amanda Schuier to get connected or click here to apply today 

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