GTI and Precision Specialized combined assets off to successful start

By Katharine Mohn

In late March, GTI Group announced that we would combine GTI Canada and Precision’s assets to:

  1. Provide our clients with increased capacity and greater availability
  2. Increase fleet size
  3. Share trailers with a better trailer pool
  4. Increase communication to assist in fewer empty miles and increase revenue per truck
  5. Streamline operations

Precision Specialized President Ed Bernard now oversees all Canadian trucking asset operations for the GTI Group, as well as special projects for GTI Canada’s brokerage.

It has been great harmonization thus far, with more trucks rolling through both yards, load sharing and empty miles reduced – already accomplishing some of our original objectives.

For example, this spring we had a project of four loads from Ontario to Tennessee for a Precision client, and both Precision and GTI trucks loaded and delivered the loads together.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with increased capabilities as we collaborate and streamline our operations.

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