GTI Group Strategic Advisor encourages a prevention mindset during NSC leadership keynote

By Brooke Beall


The National Safety Council hosted its "must attend" safety event this year in Orlando, Florida and GTI Group Strategic Advisor Brian Fielkow had the privilege to deliver a leadership keynote to the in-person and virtual attendees.

In his keynote Brian highlighted 10 leadership principles to ignite safety performance within your organization. Safety and Health magazine reviewed the key takeaways from his message in a recent article, some are listed below.

  • Safety isn’t a priority or a sign on the wall; it’s a value. “Safety has to be the guardrail that guides every decision we make,” Fielkow said.
  • Know the difference between power and authority. Great leaders, Fielkow said, have both. Power can be harnessed by generating respect in interactions with peers and co-workers.
  • Take your front lines with you. Keep safety in the heart. “If I matter to someone in the organization, I’m going to engage,” Fielkow said.
  • Adopt a just culture. Mistake-based discipline systems can be harmful. We are humans, and humans make mistakes. Training and opportunity can help improve the safety system.
  • Examine organizational factors as well as individual behavior when completing root-cause analyses. Organizations can cause incidents through insufficient, unclear processes and mental complacency. “‘We’ve always done it this way,’” Fielkow said. “Famous last words.”

For the full list of takeaways you an access the article here.

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