GTI Group Strategic Advisor leads 3 National Safety Council web series

By Brooke Beall

Mark your calendars and register today for 3 webinars The GTI Group Strategic Advisor Brian Fielkow will be leading in conjunction with the National Safety Council. Throughout the webinar series Brian and members of the Our Driving Concern Texas Employer Traffic Safety Program will provide operations and safety leaders with tools to drive safe outcomes and manage risk. Below is an overview of the webinars led by Brian along with registration links.

Safe Fleet: The Foundation - Tuesday, April 12 10am CST
Driving is one of the most dangerous activities employees engage in, but there are proven training methods and basic safety fundamentals you can use to steer them out of harm's way. In this webinar Brian will share best practices for creating a behavior-based fleet safety culture.

Turning Technology into Results - Tuesday, June 14 10am CST
Our problem today is not that we have insufficient data. Rather, we have too much. So how do we find the data points that matter? How do we successfully deploy new safety technologies? How do we convert data into action? In this webinar Brian and Hayden Cardiff, founder and chief innovation officer at Idelic will discuss:

  • How to overcome resistance to integration of new safety technologies, including strategies to get your front lines on board with change
  • Turning safety data into performance improvement
  • Predictive Analytics: Using data to capture your leading indicators 

When it Hits the Fan - Best Practices for Managing Incidents - Tuesday, August 9 10am CST
Crash incidents happen, even at safety-minded organizations. No one is immune. When an incident happens, it can open the door for some to take advantage of an organization. In this webinar Brian will team with an insurance specialist to discuss best practices for employers to manage incidents and injuries.


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