Lessons Learned from Kobe Bryant

By Brooke Beall


The news of helicopter crash involving Kobe Bryant and 8 others shocked us all. Kobe’s love for basketball and the legacy he left were admirable.

His dedication to hard work and focus on constantly moving forward should serve as examples and mantras for us all. It plays perfectly into us trying to learn any safety lessons we can. We look at events like this one with this thought in mind: Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom.

In the FreightWaves article, “Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash: Sad Goodbyes and Hard Lessons,” Jetco CEO Brian Fielkow challenges the notion that the fog in Los Angeles caused the crash. The real questions center around what caused the pilot to fly in the fog in the first place. It provides insight into how we think about safety issues in our own company. Take a look, and let us know your feedback.

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