National Safety Month - Mental Health Checks

By Brooke Beall

June is National Safety Month! In support of this initiative put in place by the National Safety Council we will be sharing weekly tips that you can apply in the workplace and at home.

In 2020, NSC conducted a national employer survey on impairment and here are some of the key findings:

  • Over 90% said they are concerned about alcohol, opioids, mental health disorders and chronic stress in their workplace.
  • 77% views impairment as an important consideration when determining an employee's fitness for duty
  • 45% said impairment is causing more near misses
  • 39% said impairment is causing more injuries

Whether it’s stress from your job or personal life it’s imperative that you listen to your body and ensure you in the right mindset to complete the task at hand. If your mind is distracted you are more likely to make a mistake. In the trucking industry that one mistake could be fatal so always slow down to speed up and make sure before getting behind the wheel you are not mentally distracted. 

Click here for mental health resources

Stay tuned for more tips throughout this month!

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