Navigating Challenges, Delivering Success with Kiewit

By Brooke Beall

Last month, Precision and Jetco met with Kiewit in Houston and presented Precision's recently completed project. What was the scope of the project? Transporting 10 massive modules from Edmonton, AB, to multiple sites in Ottawa, ON.

The modules, ranging from 87,000 to 113,000 lbs., posed significant logistical challenges with dimensions of 60’ x 16’3” x 14’ and 50’ x 16’3” x 14”. Loaded dimensions reached an impressive 165’ x 20’ x 15’5”.

Precision's choice of a 13-axle rear steer perimeter trailer proved effective for the extensive 2,392 permitted miles journey. The modules traveled from Edmonton to a stage yard near Ottawa, then an additional 40-70 miles to their final delivery sites.

The move spanned 10 transit days, transitioning from daytime travel to a 4-6 hour night move. Despite the challenges, Precision's meticulous planning ensured a smooth journey.

An essential aspect of this success was Precision's transparent presentation of lessons learned to Kiewit. This collaborative approach reinforces the industry's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in the face of complex logistical challenges.

Precision's recent triumph with Kiewit stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence. As the industry continues to push boundaries, such successful ventures underscore the significance of expertise, innovation, and collaborative knowledge-sharing. The GTI Group's ability to navigate challenges and deliver results not only strengthens our standing in the field but also paves the way for future advancements in the transportation of oversized and overweight cargo. 



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