Notice of Short Duration Rolling Road Closures

By Ohmer Belma

Nearly 2 years in the making, from design assistance, route surveys, feasibility studies and many meetings…finally on Monday evening, September 28 we will move our convoy of Superloads from Burlington, Ontario to the Port of Hamilton.

With varying overall dimensions of  125’ x 26’ x 24’ 4” and gross weights from 260,000 to 320,000 lbs we will making five nightly moves with seven loads and over 70 third party contractors to assist us. Please see the attached press release showing the short term rolling road closures and visit any of our social media sites for instant updates and any changes.



There will be short duration rolling road closures from September 28 through October 6, 2020, from the hours of 10 PM to 5 AM, in the following regions:

  • City of Oakville
  • City of Burlington
  • Region of Halton
  • City of Waterdown
  • Region of Hamilton
  • City of Hamilton

These rolling closures are for a Superload Project move from the Town of Oakville to the Port of Hamilton. There are seven loads moving in convoy with support vehicles including utility trucks and police escorts.

The temporary road closures will be broken up over five to six evenings and are indicated in text and map form. Please avoid the areas mentioned below on the nights of the move to mitigate the traffic congestion.

The move is being conducted and managed by Precision Specialized Inc. based out of Burford, ON. Follow Precision on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for instant updates and notifications. For more information, contact:

Nightly Closures

Night 1 - Sep 28/29

  • Michigan Drive East
  • Burloak Drive North
  • North Service Road West
  • Brant Street North
  • Dundas Street (HWY 5) West
  • Avonsyde Boulevard north
  • Parkside Drive West @ Clappison Avenue


Night 2 - Sep 29/30

  • Parkside Drive West @ Clappison Avenue
  • HWY 6 North
  • Regional Road 97 West @ Foreman Road


Night 3 - Sep 30/Oct 1

  • Regional Road 97 West @ Foreman Road
  • Kirkwall Road South
  • HWY 8 South/East
  • HWY 52 South/East @ Wilson Street


Night 4 - Oct 1/2

  • HWY 52 South/East
  • Carluke Road (Road 65) East
  • Upper James Street north
  • Rymal Road East
  • Centennial Parkway (HWY 20) North @Mud Road


Night 5 - Oct 2/3

  • Centennial Parkway (HWY 20) North @Mud Road
  • Barton Street West
  • Wentworth Street North
  • Burlington Street West
  • Wilfred Street North

Oct 3-5 – If necessary

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