Protecting Your Cargo

By Lisa Sursavage


We recognize the importance of your cargo’s safe delivery, which is why we carry cargo insurance for our asset-based operating companies.

Find out about our coverage, how to ensure you choose the right coverage, and the steps to take to properly protect your cargo.

  • Automatically included in our rates: $2.50 per pound, up to $100,000 per load
  • Up to $5 million per load is available only if declared by customer and agreed by Jetco officer in advance in writing (high value surcharge applies)

We can also customize our cargo coverage to your specific needs. For example, we can create a blanket limit and can structure coverage per shipment or for 100% of your shipments. We can also obtain coverage in excess of $5 million per load.

For Jetco Logistics, cargo coverage is based on the limits of the underlying third-party carrier. However, we have optional shippers interest insurance. Let’s say you can a load worth $500,000 but the carrier’s coverage is $100,000. No problem! As long as you declare the cargo value to us and allow us to obtain shipper’s interest insurance, your load will be covered for the agreed value.

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