Texan by Nature awards Texan by Nature Certification to Jetco Delivery

By Katharine Mohn

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August 23, 2021 

Texan by Nature 

Austin, Texas 

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Jetco Delivery 

Houston, Texas 

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Texan by Nature awards Texan by Nature Certification to Jetco Delivery  

AUSTIN, Texas – Today, Texan by Nature presented Jetco Delivery with its certification for smart fleet management. 

As a TxN Certified project, Jetco is committed to reducing their contribution to freight transport emissions, which negatively impact the environment and public health. They’re doing so through a combination of smart planning and fleet management to make a larger impact, including: 

  • Fleet updates focused on efficient fuels and updated technologies 
  • Smart route planning, reducing time on the road 
  • Safe payload maximization allowing for fewer overall trips 
  • Ensuring that sustainability is a part of company culture 

“Sustainability and supporting the long-term prosperity and wellness of our communities with health, safety and environmental initiatives are pressing issues for not just Jetco, but our clients as well,” said Jetco President Kyle Kristynik. “We’re constantly working with our clients to meet our shared sustainability goals and develop smarter, more efficient ways to transport their freight, while reducing our impact on the environment.”  

For further details on Jetco’s TxN Certified project, visit https://texanbynature.org/projects/jetco-smart-fleet-management/ 

Is your organization committed to sustainability as well? If so, we would love to chat and see how we can work together!

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About TxN Certification 
Texan by Nature Project Certification provides Texas employers, organizations, and individuals with recognition of meaningful conservation efforts involving and benefitting people, prosperity, and natural resources. 

Projects can focus on different natural resources such as wildlife, vegetation, and water can encompass any Texas geography from urban to rural and can take many forms such as urban pollinator habitat development, rural land rehabilitation, smart water conservation, or education initiatives.  

About Texan by Nature 

Texan by Nature (formerly Taking Care of Texas) was founded in 2011 by former First Lady Laura Bush to align the broad interests of conservation groups with business, healthcare, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations. The organization's core belief is that our state’s prosperity and quality of life are strongly linked to the conservation of natural resources, so it is Texan by Nature’s mission to spur Texan-led conservation that produces tangible benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources. They accomplish this by bringing the message of conservation to new audiences and activating new investments in conservation that are Texan-led, community-organized, and science-based. 

Jetco's Sustainablity Efforts

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