THE FREIGHT COACH PODCAST: We're selling peace of mind

By Darrell Kelly


Chris Jolly of The Freight Coach Podcast met up with Jetco CEO / The GTI Group Vice President Brian Fielkow to discuss asset-backed operations and what that truly means for our clients.

Throughout the years, asset-backed trucking operations have evolved and changed to become more efficient for shipment in the marketplace. Fielkow has implemented innovative strategies and led Jetco Delivery into becoming a transport company with a reputation for success.

On Episode 158, Jolly asked Fielkow about the current industry market and what to expect in the future. Fielkow shared effective practices on how to create a consistent reputable image in logistics.  

Many factors are impacting how logistics are being handled. Tax dollars are fluctuating, how you pay carriers is reshaping, and the future of servicing civilians through freight is being transformed by technology. Jolly and Fielkow hit on all these points and more! 

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