The Team Approach: Jetco's Journey to Fleet Management Excellence

By Brooke Beall

Our recent podcast episode with Carrier's Edge Best Fleets to Drive For is now live, and it's a must-watch for anyone looking to dive deep into the world of trucking and fleet management.

On the podcast Jetco Delivery President Kyle Kristynik and Director of Employee Engagement Amanda Schuier take us on a journey through the inner workings of Jetco’s successful fleet.

Safety + Engagement: The Cornerstones of Excellence

One of the key topics explored in this podcast is Jetco Delivery's unwavering commitment to safety. Discover how our professional driving team actively contributes to maintaining a secure environment on the road. In an industry where safety is paramount, Jetco Delivery's dedication is truly commendable.

"The physical safety is one thing, but really what we’ve learned a lot is – Hurricane Harvey probably being the first big push in that direction – the mental health of our team when these disasters hit is more important than, ‘Do you have your laptop?’ Much more important.” - Jetco President Kyle Kristynik

The Jetco Way: Documenting Best Practices

During the podcast, you'll gain insights into "The Jetco Way," a documentation of how they do everything, from booking loads to inspecting trucks. Jetco Delivery places a strong emphasis on determining the best way to do things and has developed a culture of learning and improvement. Find out how this commitment to excellence shapes their operations.

“We tell every new driver, every new hire that comes in, ‘Here’s our Jetco Way. Understand it but then if there are things that you see that we think we can improve upon based on what you’ve seen, then bring that to us, and we’ll evolve the document.’ The document is a living, breathing document that’s evolving all the time.” - Jetco President Kyle Kristynik

Enhancing Driver Satisfaction and Retention

Amanda Schuier's role as Director of Employee Engagement has played a pivotal role in improving driver satisfaction and retention. Learn how her focus on gathering information from drivers and creating a feedback loop has made a significant difference in the company's success.

“One of my passions in my day-to-day is really improving that employee experience. Working with our drivers and office employees is really a unique part of what I do.” - Jetco Director of Employee Engagement Amanda Schuier

Whether you're in the industry or simply interested in the fascinating world of logistics and transportation, this episode promises to be both informative and inspiring. Join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on social media as we explore the strategies and philosophies that have propelled Jetco Delivery to greatness.

Watch the podcast episode now and unlock the secrets of success in the trucking industry with Jetco Delivery!


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