Truck Runs

By Ohmer Belma


We did a ship direct discharge of 2 crated compressors from Ramey’s Bend, ON to Edmonton, AB. Each unit was 41’x12’10”x14’ with a loaded dims of 143’x12’10”x16’2” (Posted July 08/2020)



This is a regeneration heater house we moved from Atlanta, GA to Edmonton, AB. Load was 28’x19’3”x13’10” @ 40,000Lbs and loaded dims where 76’x19’3”x14’10” (Posted September 09/2020)



This is 1of2 loads we did back to back from Port of Houston, TX to Edmonton, AB in April and May 2020. Loaded dims of 135’x13’5”x16’4” (Posted July 09/2020)


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