Truckload Carriers Association: Essential Driver 2021

By Brooke Beall

Truckload Carriers Association is hosting a complimentary two-day virtual event, Essential Driver 2021, focusing on strategies addressing how to attract, develop and retain professional operators today.

The GTI Group Vice President, Safety, Jeff McKinney will be a panelist on the first session, co-hosted by Idelic.

The Full Driver Lifecycle: Retaining Drivers at Every Stage of Employment

Date: June 22 at 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. ET 

In this session, the presenters will discuss the full driver lifecycle and explain how best to retain drivers at each phase of employment. In particular, this conversation will cover whether fleets should concern themselves primarily with voluntary or involuntary turnover at each stage and how they can best prevent both types of turnover.

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TCA: Essential Driver 2021 Registration

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