Watch the Move: 2021 SC&RA Hauling Job of the Year Winning Entry

By Katharine Mohn

We’ve talked about it, shown it in photos and described it. Many of you witnessed part of our journey firsthand. Yet nothing compares to getting a comprehensive, inside look – and gaining a full understanding of what it takes to pull off a move of this size and scope!

See for yourself what made this spectacular project the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s (SC&RA) 2021 Hauling Job of the Year.

Presented at SC&RA’s 2021 Annual Conference, held Oct. 25-29 at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, TX, SC&RA’s Hauling Job of the Year award recognizes companies that perform outstanding achievements in trucking jobs.

When we say, “Your freight challenges don’t scare us,” we mean it. In December 2018, Zeton, the world’s largest designer and builder of modular pilot plant and demonstration skill systems, took our word for it by presenting us with a new challenge.

And, after years of planning, we safely and successfully transported eight, different shaped modules with overall dimensions of up to 134’ long, 21’ wide, 24’ high and gross weights from 260,000 lbs. to 320,000 lbs. Over the course of six nights in the fall of 2020, a usually 17-mile route became a 70-mile expedition for our team and the modules, which traveled from Oakville, Ontario to Port of Hamilton, Ontario.

What made this job award-winning was not just the size and scope of the modules, nor the 1,800 manhours that went into planning. This job stood out for the challenges we faced along the way: winding infrastructure, bridges, railroad tracks, utility lines, underpasses, trees, traffic congestion, population density and pouring rain.

All those challenges enabled Precision to demonstrate what it does best: plan, prepare and execute the impossible with extreme attention to detail and care.

Thanks to our drivers, escorts, operations staff, subcontractors, electrical and utilities companies, city jurisdictions, permit offices and local/regional police services for your involvement in making this move happen. Special thanks to our client Zeton for entrusting us with this spectacular move.




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