Why partner with GTIUSA: extensive knowledge through technology

By Marty Smith

When moving your freight you need more than just a truck. You need trusted carriers, cost efficiency, billing assistance and data to help enhance your supply chain knowledge.

GTI USA’s combined experience and robust technology allows for us to be your go to managed transportation partner. We are able to develop the right capacity solutions to meet your transportation and delivery needs.

Below are a few benefits our current partners have experience through our Managed Transportation Solutions:

  • Reduced transportation cost through leveraged spend, proper carrier selection, consolidation and aggregation of orders, and dynamic route planning.
  • Improved budget planning and budget obtainment.
  • Captured capacity and capacity sharing across the network.
  • Improved visibility and service through integration with GTI’s transportation management system (Revenova)
  • Improved vendor carrier compliance and an opportunity to convert from vendor prepaid to collect allowing for additional costs savings.
  • Resource reallocation of staff currently managing carrier selection and performance.
  • Freight bill audit and carrier payment allows accounting resources to be freed up for other projects.
  • Provide business intelligence through Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which will provide proper metrics, service excellence and opportunities to improve the supply chain.

GTI USA has the solution for you. Contact Marty Smith Vice President of Corporate Solutions to learn how we can help you!


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