Wreaths Across America - Remember, Honor, Teach

By Brooke Beall

Every December, Jetco Delivery is honored to participate in the national and regional runs for Wreaths Across America. This year we had the privilege of being 1 of 2 trucks to arrive one week early at Arlington National Cemetery for a personal ceremony held for the Gold Star families.

Sam Hardy, Jetco’s open deck director attended along side our professional driver Christian and he shared his thoughts about the experience.

“Nothing like I have ever experienced before. Even playing college football in front of thousands of people/fans8 does not compare. We were one of two trucks to deliver wreaths early for the ceremony last  weekend. Our WAA contact had us park the truck and trailer directly outside of Arlington Cemetery on the side of the street. It was amazing how many strangers pulled their vehicles over and came up to us to chat about WAA and shake our hands to thank us (Christian and Jetco) for hauling the wreaths for the event. You would have thought we were celebrities. You could tell how genuinely appreciative each person truly was. It was awesome to see the number of volunteers that showed up to assist.

Everything really hit home for me once I began walking in the cemetery. It was so quiet and peaceful. I will admit, I shed a couple tears thinking about all those brave heroes who have lost their lives protecting our freedom. When the first few families showed up to receive their Wreaths to lay, you could tell right away the impact it had on them. Something that seemed so small to us meant the world to them. I have not been to the big event that they are having next weekend, but this one seems like it was very personal and intimate for all the families that participated. It wasn’t too crowded, and they took their time to soak it all in. Christian and I were honored to be able to witness and be a part of this special event.”

Wreaths Across America’s mottos is Remember, Honor, Teach – words we take to heart and align well with our own values. Thank you to WAA for allowing us to partake in such an amazing cause, we will be here to assist for as long as you allow.



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