Zeton Project Summary

By Ohmer Belma

From September 28 to October 4, 2020, the Precision Specialized team took on the largest logistical project in our company's history. Eight modules of varying sizes with overall dimensions of up to 134’ long, 26’ wide, and 24’4” high and gross weights from 260,000 to 320,000 lbs were moved from Oakville, ON to the Port of Hamilton, ON over the course of six nights.

Many said this move could not be done, but our team immediately stepped in to prove that anything can be done when executed with precision.

Beginning with feasibility studies and consulting with the manufacturer to determine size and scope, Precision began the two-year process of completing the move. Countless surveys were conducted as the team vigorously developed the most intense Traffic Management Plan we have ever constructed. A move of this caliber leaves no room for error, which means even the smallest details had to be meticulously considered and executed with absolute accuracy.

Over 20 different subcontractors were enlisted to assist, resulting in the coordination of over one hundred individuals on a nightly basis throughout the six-night move. The convoy (comprised of the seven largest modules) moved in unison across a quarter-mile area surrounded by Certified Superload escorts to ensure the traveling public could safely navigate around the move site. Due to the infrastructure along the route, well over 5,000 lines had to be raised or cut, interrupting power for residential and commercial areas. Recognizing the impact, our team had to move swiftly and efficiently to restore power and mitigate traffic congestion as much as possible.

The Precision team came together and worked as a unit, successfully achieving our goal of a safe and timely delivery, to the letter. Our drivers, escorts and operation staff certainly embodied the Precision name; thank you for being the gold standard.

Thanks to our extended team, including subcontractors, Mammoet, all electrical companies, city jurisdictions, permit offices and the Halton and Hamilton police services for your expert service and commitment to the project.

Finally, special thanks to our client Zeton. We are grateful for the opportunity and for your continued confidence, support and, above all, partnership.

Precision looks forward to continuing leading the way in transportation innovation as we take on the seemingly impossible and demonstrate our ability to live up to our name.

We are Precision...It’s who we are - It’s what we do.



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