We do a whole lot more than simply provide safe, secure facilities throughout North America to store your products and equipment. We also help you manage your entire supply chain to ensure your goods are strategically stored until they're ready to be transported.

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Warehousing Services



We operate a network of secure, centrally located logistics and storage centers in Quebec, Canada, Ontario, Canada, and Texas, U.S., as well as dedicated storage facilities across Canada and the U.S., ideally positioned close to major highways, airports, ports, terminals, rail yards, and city centers. We are equipped for dock level, drive-in, and drive-through service. Our warehouse facilities give you comprehensive, secure storage solutions that allow you continuous visibilty into the critical details and locations of your shipments.

Why choose us?
Flexible pricing & contracts
Prices per square foot, per unit, per week, and per month; short- and long-term contracts
24-hour camera monitoring surveillance, key fob access, fenced yards, private security patrols, fire monitoring and sprinkler systems
Shipment Prepping
Expert prepping of shipments for transport by road, sea, rail, and air; blocking and bracing, pallet racking, vacuum packing and wrapping (shrink wrap, stretch wrap, bundle wrapping), cross-docking, trailer staging, custom crating, and skid/heavy duty box design
More than 1 million square feet of indoor and outdoor storage in Quebec alone (heated, non-heated); 8,000-square-foot indoor warehouse in Texas, centrally located near the Port of Houston
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