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Booking Loads Faster

By Lisa Sursavage

Investing in the best technology.

Day1Proofs-219We’re excited to announce that we are upgrading our internal operating system. This new system will be more user-friendly and enable us to book your loads faster and more efficiently.

We’re looking forward to having our new system up and running, but as with all transitions such as these, there may be a few bumps in the road. We ask for your patience during this time as we work through any issues that may arise. Some PODs may not be accessible via Transportal during this transition. You may still get your PODs through your Jetco customer service representative:

Rate requests outside of Texas and surrounding areas, email here.

Intermodal Customer Service, email here.

Open Deck Customer Service, email here.

Flatbed Customer Service, email here.

Heavy Haul Customer Service, email here.
713.678.6495 or 713.466.4141

LTL Customer Service, email here.

Jetco is committed to investing in the latest technology to better serve you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. As soon as this transition is complete (approximately March 1, 2016), we look forward to sharing its expanded value-added capabilities with you.

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